UHT Indian Almond Leaves Tea Bag (10bags/pack)

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Benefits of UHT- Indian Almond Leaves Tea Bag: - Help suppress bacteria that causes disease to the fish. - Help heal the wound because there is a powerful substances to heal the wound. - Help to prevent parasite to come to the fish area. - Help to boost the colour of the fish. - Help to adjust the ph of water. Improved water quality for fish especially Betta fish. - Help to reduce stress for fish, ready for betta fertility. - Include 10 pcs of Indian Almond Leaves Tea Bag. - No sediment, does not make the water turbid. - Convenience. The main benefit of tea bags is that they add convenience. The handy attached string makes clean up easy as you can just toss the tea bag into the garbage or compost pile. - No Mess. You simply remove the bag while cleaning the fish tank or aquarium.