EIHO Metro(Hexa) Cure 100 Tabs



HEXA CURE is effective to combat heamita and spironucleus flagellates found in aquarium fishes.
Some of the common disease includes Hole-in-the-head. Symptoms are commonly dark colour body and eat poorly. The feces are white and stringy. Infected fishes will appear very thin over long period of time. At times, fishes will appear to have darken body colour.

HEXA CURE also treats clownfish disease, early dropsy symptoms, marine whitespot. It is effective to cure whitespot in reef aquarium where senstive copper based medication cannot be use.

1 HEXA Cure tab for 40 liters. Add daily for 3-day course. Slight foaming may occur, but it is not neccessary to change water. HEXA Cure do not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Please remove activated carbon during treatment course. Provide good oxygen supply during treatment period.

If there is a need to repeat treatment, use HEXA Cure after a lapse of 3 days.

For treatment of marine whitespot, please double the dosage