Livestocks Terms and Conditions

100% Live Delivery Guarantee on Shipping Live Fish:

We offer a 100% live delivery guarantee … this guarantee is as follows:

1. If you do have a D.O.A, we will replace your fish. We will replace your order with fish of the identical strain that you initially requested.

2. Proof of D.O.A.s must be confirmed within 4 hours of delivery after you receive your order. Text a picture of the DOA fish to 90407842. This image must be clear and DOA must be in the ORIGINAL SEALED bag.

3. No Cash Refunds. We will ONLY replace your order with same product that was ordered.

4. Live Delivery Guarantee does NOT apply to any International orders outside of Singapore.

5. You acknowledge you realize fish pictured on this site are for representation/illustrative purposes only. You will not be getting the same fish pictured unless specified. If you have certain color or pattern request please let us know and we will try and fulfil your request, however these request are not guaranteed.

6. We are not responsible for your fish after the arrival, it is your responsibility to acclimate and care for them.

7. All Sales are final.


Healthy Fish Policy:

1. We guarantee that your fish will arrive alive. However, when you receive your fish you are solely responsible for acclimating your new fish to your aquarium.

2. We take great care in ensuring that our fishes are well and healthy and we insist that ALL of our customers be well informed and prepared to properly care for their fish.

3. We are not liable if your fish become ill or die as a result of your ability to properly adapt your fish. We will not refund your money if you have any future health problems with your fish or if they die after you acclimate them to your new environment.

4. After you receive your fish, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for their care and release JZXO of any liability.

5. To be safe, we recommend you quarantine your new fish separate from your current aquarium for at least 10 days. This will allow your new arrivals to fully build up their immune systems to prevent any health issues.