NUTRAFIN Aqua Plus Water Conditioner 2L


Nutrafin Aqua-Plus is a superior tap water conditioner for neutralising heavy metals in aquarium water and protecting fish, especially during water change.

Tap water contains impurities which are toxic to fish and affect the natural resistance of fish, making them more prone to disease. This is why tap water must be conditioned before being added into aquarium, a critical step during water change.


Nutrafin Aqua Plus is designed to neutralise chlorine, chloramines and dissolved harmful metallic ions commonly found in tap water.

Nutrafin Aqua Plus also contain P.H.E., a patented compound, which also includes Valerian Root, proven to reduce stress for fish, minimise fish abrasions and scrapes, thus preventing unnecessary infections for the fish.

  • Fin Care Aqua-Plus with Pure Herbal Extract
  • 67.5 oz. (2L)
  • A superior tap water conditioner
  • Makes tap water safe by eliminating chlorine and chloramine
  • Neutralises heavy metallic ion
  • Protects fish by replacing their natural protective mucous coating
  • Contributes a positive sedating effect against stress related to transportation, handling and introduction
  • Patented formula