PRODIBIO START UP GOLD - 2 vials (Water conditioner and bacteria for Goldfish)

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START UP GOLD combines in this kit GOLD’ACTIV and AQUA’BACTER.

These products re-adapt tap water to the Goldfish’s life, provide the bacteria needed for the nitrogen cycle and help break down harmful substances.


• Eliminates chlorine and chloramines harmful to fish from tap water.

• Brings a natural binder of ammonia.

• Protects the mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins against external parasitic agressions.

• Contains nutrients to stimulate Aqua’Bacter’s bacteria.


• Contains live purifying bacteria strains adapted to fresh and cold water.

• Reduces the harmful concentration of ammonia and nitrites for Betta.

• Removes fish waste and excess fish food in the aquarium.

Use for new aquariums.

For your water changes, use GOLD’ACTIV water conditioner in bottle and AQUA’BACTER bacteria in vials.