PRODIBIO Probiotix - 6 vials / 30 vials


PRODIBIO Probiotix - 6 vials / 30 vials 

Bacteria specific to seawater, PROBIOTIX quickly seed the water column. 

Its action enriches the biodiversity of the strains present in the marine aquarium and reinforces the effectiveness of biological filtration. 

Compatible with all brands of salts on the market, the action of PROBIOTIX is guaranteed thanks to its packaging in an ampoule. 

We recommend its use in combination with BIODIGEST.

PROBIOTIX contains strains of nitrifying bacteria whose action is complementary and synergistic to that of BIODIGEST.

These probiotics ensure perfect control of the nitrification phase, which is essential for obtaining optimal water quality in an aquarium.

PROBIOTIX reinforces this essential stage of the nitrogen cycle by introducing strains different from those of BIODIGEST, thus increasing the genetic diversity of useful bacterial strains in the aquarium.

The whole of this "bacterial pool" ensures a more flexible nitrification process, able to adapt to more varied physico-chemical conditions.

These probiotic nitrifying bacteria are packaged in glass ampoules, under a protective atmosphere, to guarantee an active product whose action has not been inhibited by contact with salt.


At each water change and salt preparation.


1 bulb for 50 L

Break off the ends of the ampule and spill the contents into the filtration or stream.