PRODIBIO Chloral Reset - 100ml **NEW!!** (Water Conditioner for freshwater and marine fish)

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CHLORAL RESET is a water conditioner for tropical fish. During the start up or water changes, CHLORAL RESET neutralizes chlorine and chloramines from tap water. It protects organisms living in the aquarium (fish, corals, plants, live rocks, bacteria, etc.).

CHLORAL RESET contains biocolloïds which protect gills and mucous membranes of the fish, vitamins which strengthen their resistance to stress and natural extract of Catappa.

We recommend a weekly 10 to 20% water change of the tank water volume.


Standard range

100 mL (3,38 fl.oz) : for an aquarium up to 800 L (200 gal)
250 mL (8,8 fl.oz) : for an aquarium up to 2 000 L (500 gal)



10ml treats 80L