OCEAN Betta Cure Herbal Supplement - 20ml


OCEAN FREE Betta Cure encompass high curing rate made totally from plant extraction.
Absolutely no side effects, none polluting to the environment and save to use product even if overdosed.
This is a miracle must have product for all Betta hobbyist and usage over a period of time increases disease resistance and provides nutritional and immunological boost.
OF® Betta Cure is a special herbal blend of various herbs which perform 5 main disease prevention and treatment at the same time as : 1) Bactericide, 2) Parasitic, 3) Fungicide, 4) Gill Disease cure and 5) unknown diseases.
All that is needed to do is just to dose the recommended dosage and 90% of all found diseases can be in the scope of treatment.
This secret formula solely owned by OF® increases Betta fish survival rate in tanks and a must have product for all Betta fish keepers.