NT LABS Koi Care - Propolis Wound Seal - 30ml

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Treats: Ulcers, open wounds, damaged fins and Hikui.

When to use?
Use to seal ulcers, damaged fins, open wounds and Hikui, preferably after cleaning these areas with Ulcer Swab antiseptic wound cleaner.

Upon contact with water, propolis becomes insoluble, forming a waxy seal to help prevent pathogens or debris entering an open wound.

How to use?

  • Remove your fish from the pond. Optionally, sedate fish with Koi Calm before treating.
  • Carefully clean the area with Ulcer Swab, then dry the wound thoroughly
  • Spread Propolis evenly onto the wound and slowly lower the fish back into the water. As the Propolis makes contact with the water, a waxy seal will form.

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Active Ingredients: Bee propolis 25% w/v 

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