NOMOYPET ND-26 LED Calcium Bulb (Silver) UVB 5.0 5W

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ND - 26 UVB Bulb 

UVB helps reptiles produce Vitamin D and is therefore a necessity when keeping reptiles as pets. The NomoyPet ND-26 UVB LED Bulb is an energy saving bulb producing the same output equivalent to a 50w traditional bulb. 

It produces an effective wavelength of about 300mm, inducing Vitamin D3 production in reptiles. This helps our reptile pets greatly in their calcium absorption, growth and prevent bone diseases.

UVB 5.0 is suitable for reptiles living in tropical and sub tropical regions such as Iguanas, Myanmese Tortoises, Star Tortoises, Leopard Tortoises, Radiant  Tortoises, Red Ear Slider Terrapins, Mandolin Lizards etc. 


Technical Specifications 

Power: 5 watts
Voltage: 220 volts
Bulb Cap: E27 
Wavelength: ~300mm