NOMOYPET ND-10 25W - UVA + UVB 3.0 Light Bulb (NOMND1025)


NOMOYPET ND-10 25W - UVA + UVB 3.0 Light Bulb (NOMND1025)


Product Features

  • It Effectively provides the daily needs of long-wave ultraviolet b ray.
  • Low-intensity output, promote growth and development, guide turtles courtship, mating, laying and so on.
  • It can improve reptile appetite and effectively help digestion. It has the role of prevention and improvement of turtles humpback.
  • It simulates the sun light to supply the calcium.


  • Can be used 24hrs a day. But better if there’s another bulb to alternate the usage. 
  • "The temperature of the lamp is high during heating, please wait for 3-5 mins after turning it off and then touch it.
  • Please keep it away from flammble products when using it,
  • It is more convenient with the use of thermostat.
  • It is waterproof but cannot be immersed in water for long time.
  • It is only suitable for airenvironment heating not water heating.