Mirage Vita 100g

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Mirage Vita, specially formulated vitamin, helps to increase resistance to stress and immunity from infectious diseases. This vitamin is very effective in protecting the nutrients that are necessary in the fish diet. It would also help the fish to rid the body of foreign invaders by increasing the production of antibodies thus preventing the incurring of illnesses. As a result, it aids in prolonging the life span of your fish.

Mirage Vita encourages the growth of stronger bones and skin in your fish. This will help the fish to recover from injuries much quicker than usual and with lesser complications. Your beloved fish will now be able to remain active and healthy under your care.

Recommended dosage

1 teaspoon of Mirage Vita for 200 litres of water

Directions to Use
1) For fishes with Bad Appetite/Stressed, use Mirage Vita DAILY for Seven days with DAILY Water Change of 25%.
2) For Maintenance, dose Mirage Vita after with weekly Water Change.

As mirage vita is ACIDIC in nature,
1) spilt the dose 50% of the recommended dose, 12hours later another 50% this is done to prevent large ph swing
2) dissolve the powder before adding into the tank or add into filter/sump/ohf
Do not overdose.