LAGUNA Pro Pond Net Skimmer (40cm x 47cm)


Laguna Pro Pond Skimmer PT-829 is a heavy-duty net, tear-resistant, with a strong stainless steel shaft. The net is soft yet tough, friendly to fish yet durable.

  • Extendable stainless steel shaft handle adjustable to your desired length
  • Stainless steel shaft is strong
  • Slip-resistant handle for good grip when hands get wet
  • Plastic frame around net protects the net from tearing due to friction
  • Frame with rounded corners for easy access to hard to reach places
  • Net is soft, thus fish friendly
  • Net size: 40 x 47 cm (15.5inch x 18.5inch)
  • Handle size: 75 to 140 cm (29.5inch to 55inch)