JBL ArguPond Plus 500ml

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Remedy against carp lice and anchor worms

  • Rapid and reliable treatment: remedy for carp lice and anchor worms, gill maggots and other parasitic crustaceans
  • Easy to use: determine the required quantity, mix it with pond water in a watering can, pour it evenly over the pond
  • Only use in water temperatures over 18 °C.
  • JBL Online Hospital: helps you to identify fish diseases
  • Contents: remedy ArguPond Plus. Dosage: 40 ml per 800 l pond water

Contains Dimilin

500ml for treatment of 10000L

Healthy fish – healthy pond 
Fish have feelings too – not only humans! Transport often triggers stress in fish. Bad water values can be the reason for bacteria, fungi and parasites. Remedies actively combat the pathogens and lower the risk of infection. They reduce stress hormones, protect the mucous membranes, disinfect injuries and kill off bacteria, fungi and parasites. 

JBL Online Hospital 
Visit the JBL Online Hospital and find out what is ailing your pond dwellers. Having considered the various factors JBL suggests the best treatment. 

Correct use of remedies 
Use only in water temperatures over 18 °C. Remove activated carbon from the filter and switch off UVC devices, ozone units, copper and hydrochloric acid dosage devices. Shake bottle thoroughly for one minute. Mix the required quantity with pond water in a watering can and distribute it evenly over the pond. To be added in the morning while observing the animals throughout. Remains in the pond: 1 week. 

40 ml per 800 l pond water.