JBL Agil Turtle Food 1000ml

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Staple food for turtles, including pond turtles that are between 10 - 50 cm length. 

Floating Food sticks for controlled feeding of turtles. 

Rich in proteins from fish and shrimp, high acceptance rate.

Suitable only as an occasional treat for tortoises.

Lysine for promoting bone growth.

Multivitamin complex and stabilized vitamin C enhance the resilience.

Recommended Feeding for Turtles:

Young turtles should be fed as much JBL Agil as they can consume within about 10 minutes, by adding the sticks to the water, 2-4 times a day.

For adult turtles, 4-5 times per week is sufficient.

Recommended Feeding for Tortoises:

Due to its high protein content, JBL Agil should be given as an occasional treat as a change to their main vegetable diet. Weakened animals can be given JBL Agil as their staple food for a limited length of time to strengthen them.

Soften the required amount briefly in water before feeding.