OCEAN FREE XO Turtle Food Sticks - 400g/1100ml (PD323)

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- Latest formula ensuring every requirement of reptile nutrition fortified with vitamins and calcium. Promotes colour, health and growth.

- The food is designed to float, easy to digest and assimilate, also accepted willingly by turtles.

- Does not cloud water. Feed 2 or 3 times daily, remove any excess leftover food.

- Floating food sticks make feeding easy and enjoyable

- Does not cloud water

- Enhances general well-being of turtles

- Promotes development of body colours

- Besides being food for the turtles, Ocean Free XO Turtle Food Sticks is also suitable for these organisms:

  • Newts
  • Frogs
  • Aquatic Amphibians
  • Cichlids

- Feed two or three times daily. Remove any excess leftover food.


Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, oat meal, shrimp meal, algae meal, calcium phosphate, minerals, 16 vitamins, trace elements, vegetables, natural colours, fish livers and spirulina Analysis: Crude protein - 34% Crude fat - 5% maximum Crude fiber - 2% maximum Moisture - 5%