GENCHEM Biomax #2 (0.8mm) (Specific formula for ornamental shrimps) - 50g


GENCHEM Biomax #2(0.8mm) (Specific formula for ornamental shrimps) - 50g

  • Will turn your blur and dull colour shrimps into bright and shinging colour ones in 15 days!
  • Nutritional balance
  • Enhancement of pigment
  • Reliable replacement of fresh feeds
  • Water quality remains optimal
  • Induce moulting


Pellet size: 

    • #1 :  designed to baby shrimp contains valuable nutrients in order to improve survival rates.
    • #2 : 
    • designed to juvenile shrimps with suitable particle size.
    • #3 : 
  • designed to adult shrimps offers selected nutrients with breeding promotion.


  • Krill meal, Fish meal, squid liver powder, Mussel meal, Liver meal, Brewer yeast, Spirulina, Wheat Flour, Seaweed powder, Pearl powder, Astaxanthin, Beta-Glucan, Vitamins and trace minerals.


  • Mix feed with water and then put the mixture into a tank
  • Feed daily but never feed more than the amount that your shrimps can consume in a day.