FROK T1-M 120 Light RGB (120cm) SLIM

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Dimension : 120cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Power : 72 watts

RGB LED used to enhance the color of your fishes and plants. Creating a true nature aquarium colours.  Just like what you see when you are in the river!

  • Each colour can be control (Dimmer able) individually to create the ideal spectrum you want
  • 6 prefix color setting installed by professional Aquascaper for easy start up 
  • Suitable for all kind of aquarium
  • Best suited for Community Fishes and Planted Aquarium
  1.  Remote Control for convenient and stress free setting
  2.  Extendable Length of up to 10cm
  3.  Detail design heat-sink to keep LED lighting cool and not burning hot when touch
  4.  IP63 Waterproof, no more worries for water splash or lighting dropped into aquarium
  5. DC24V for electrical safety even when lighting is dropping into aquarium