Floating Breeding Ring With Filtering (100mm diameter)

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Rearing ring with filtering

An inexpensive alternative to our floating rearing box is this breeding ring with its own filtration. The ring is supplied with fresh water via an air regulator, the filter is located below the container. The water exchange takes place over the floor surface in the form of a fine gauze (153 μm). The permeability of the gauze should be monitored. When the gauze becomes clogged, the water level rises in the container. Overflow (when the gauze is clogged) is avoided by an overflow protection. Here, the water then flows back through a small sponge filter into the parent’s pool. The gauze must be cleaned or changed in this case.

Characteristics of the breeding ring with filtering:

  • extra-fine gauze (153 μm), exchangeable
  • Styrodur ring holds the container on the water surface
  • overflow protected by water overflow over small filter sponge
  • filtering over small sponge filters outside the container
  • can be attached to an aquarium disk by means of screw clamping

This rearing ring system from German manual work is cleanly manufactured, technically thought out and available in two sizes (100 mm and 150 mm diameter).

Breeding ring, acryl glass tube, gauze 153 µm, gauze holder, Styrodur ring with integrated air lifter, filter sponge (8 x 5 x 5 cm, PPI 45), overflow protection sponge, air lifter bracket

Air connection: 4/6 mm for 5 mm air hose