SUDO Slim Flexible Net - SS / S / M / L


It is a fantastic net design to catch small fishes and shrimps
Aquarium net made of stainless steel extra-fine frame. 
Since the net body bends, fish will not escape to near the water surface of the aquarium glass surface.
The fine soft netting reduces the fishes tail and fins to be accidently hook on the the net!

Super Small (SS) S-1325
Net Size: 53 x 53mm
Lenght: 205mm

Small (S) S-1330
Net Size: 75 x 75mm
Lenght: 225mm

Medium (M) S-1335
Net Size: 100 x 100mm
Lenght: 295mm

Large (L) S-1337
Net Size: 150 x 130mm
Lenght: 380mm