EIHO Aqua Blue 120ml


Treats common gills & skin diseases
First treatment for goldfish against infections

EIHO Aqua Blue is effective for the treatment of common gills and skin diseases. These diseases can be caused by bacteria such as pseudomonas, or by parasites such as chilodonella. In most cases, fishes are infected by both. These infections usually occur on fishes that have been kept or transported in poor conditions. The unique formulation of Aqua Blue combats both bacteria and parasites, without creating too much stress on the fish. It acts as the first treatment against infection after transportation. Suitable for goldfish, koi, tropical fish, cichlid and arowana.

Fish group at one corner of tank, appear restless and show difficulties in respiration
Gills are red and swollen. In serious cases, parts of gills are damaged
Body appears reddish with excessive shedding of fish scales
White slime on the body
Fish loses its mucoid skin coating, causing cloudy water

SHAKE BEFORE USE. 1 cap (5ml) for 50L. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV during treatment. If disease persists by the third day, do 50% water change and add a full dosage. Can be used as a preventative measure or to quarantine tank, add 5ml for 100L every 10 days. For serious infections, Furan Plus can be used with Aqua Blue for all-round treatment. May be unsuitable for invertebrates.