ECOTECH Radion XR15 Diffuser


Benefits of Ecotech Glare Diffuser

  • Distributed Spread & Coloration
  • Increased Spectrum Blending
  • Reduced Shadows and Shimmer
  • Lowers Color Separation
  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with all XR15 Radion Lights

Review of Ecotech Glare Diffuser

Distributed Spread & Coloration

With the XR15 Diffuser on your Ecotech Radion LED light, you will instantly see a better distribution of light throughout your aquarium. PAR tests have proven that even though the overall peak PAR numbers will decrease, the lower light areas will actually receive more light from a diffused source. The overall light loss is around 20%, and since a majority of us do not use even 80% of the available lighting output, the PAR loss can be combatted by increasing the overall power delivered to the LEDs.

Increased Spectrum Blending

Diffusing LED lights greatly helps blend the overall spectrum into one cohesive light source. Traditionally we increase light intensity to achieve penetration but LED only beams light onto a small spot area. Thus, having more LED is not exactly the ideal solution. With the glare diffuser, you can evenly spread light that is blended properly and this is more helpful for coral health and growth.

Reduced Shadows and Shimmer

LED lights are known to create a lot of shimmer, also known as the "disco-ball effect" and the Ecotech Radion Glare Diffuser greatly reduces shadows and shimmer, which makes your tank look better from all angles.

Easy to Install

Installation only takes a few minutes, and by unscrewing the bottom plate with a Phillips screwdriver, you can then attach the mounting adapter plate. The diffuser lens will then magnetically attach to the adapter plate. The magnetic attachment makes the diffuser lens very easy to clean.


Dimensions - 7 inch x 7 inch x 0.625 inch