UHT Fairy (Monica) Eggs

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- Put the Moina’s egg into the water

- Wait 15-24 hours for it to hatch

- When hatched, you can feed it to the fish right away

- UHT Moina’s Egg with 99% hatch rate

- Can be hatched by using only water, no oxygen, light or salt needed.

- The hatched UHT Moina’s egg contains 10 essential amino acids with high Lysine content.

- Moreover, it also contains a lot of essential fatty acids like Linoleic acid (c18:2n6) or Omega 6 and Linoleic acid (c18:3n3) or Omega 3. Protein (64.94%) Fat (5.07%) Ash (8.40%) and Carbohydrate (17.96%)