COLOMBO pH Min - 100ml / 250ml


The pH is mathematical reference for the amount of acids dissolved in water. The pH can have a value between 0 and 14. A low pH means the water is acidic; high pH means the water is alkaline. Large fluctuations in the pH are harmful for fish. Colombo pH Min reduces the pH (acidity) of the water. We recommend reducing the pH by no more than 1 unit per day. The proper KH value (6-10dKH) is very important for maintaining s stable, safe pH value. Before correcting the pH, check the KH value and correct it if necessary by using Colombo KH+.


Dosage : Add 1ml pH Min for every 5 litres of aquarium water to decrease the pH by one unit, depending on the KH. Repeat the next day if necessary. The cap holds 10ml.