CLASSICA Food Timer T-9900

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Classica Food Timer

-This feeder present feeding schedule up to 6 times per day or manual feeding as and when desire.

-Special design mounting clamp enable you to mount feeder vertically or horizontally to your fish tank.

-Stick on dry, stainless surface using the self

-adhesive tape provided.


-Use only dry pellet fish feeds and fish flakes.

-Do not place in area of high temperature, moisture and within range of magnetic field.

-Always remove fish feed when not in use.

-Replace with a new battery when necessary.


-Remove the trough from the main body to reveal the battery compartment.

-Remove the battery compartment lid, install battery (LR6 AA 1.5V) and replace the lid.

-Special design of “second hand” indicate feeder is functioning when the “Second” hand is ticking.

-Turn the time knob clockwise and adjust dial to your current time. -Remove the trough cover and place the fish feed in. Replace the trough cover.

-Attach the trough to the main body with the “sign” pointing up. -Slide the feed control to adjust the amount of fish feed to be dispensed per feed.

-Attach time bolt to your desired feeding time on the dail. You can set up to 6 automatic feeding times per day.

-Turning manual knob allows you to feed as and when desired out of your present feeding schedule.