BIOZYM Nitrification Bacteria (Turtles) - 350ml

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Turtle living area is relatively small amount of water, more stool, insufficient filtration. It needs more powerful nitrifying bacteria to decompose the stool, remove the stink. This product is specially developed for turtles, especially with strong decomposition bacteria to solve stinking organic waste species, purify water quality, deodorant to taste, inhibit the breeding of germs, to prevent turtles and other disease.
Use for: Turtle, semi aquatic turtles, baby turtles, pig nose  turtles
Nitrifying bacteria. Total number of active nitrifying bacteria >1 x 10 8 CFU/ml
350 ml
Usage Guidelines:
Turtles: add 10ml into every 100L water
Semi aquatic turtles: add 10ml into every 10L of water.