AQUAZONIC Evo Slim Planted LED Light - 30cm / 45cm / 60cm / 90cm


• Aquatic Plant Spectrum

• Energy Saving

• Adaptive Installation

• Cool Operation

• Adjustable Brightness



Step 1:

Insert the two stainless-steel extendable legs

into each clamp holder as shown. Adjust to

the required height and secure the legs by

tightening the screws.

Step 2:

Insert the stainless-steel extendable legs into

both ends of the light set body.

Step 3:

Adjust both sides of the extendable legs

horizontally to the required width and place the

clamp holders onto the tank edge at each side.

Secure the clamp holders with the hand screws.

Readjust the light set height if necessary.

Step 4:

Connect up the power adapter and electronic

controller to the light set.

Switch on the power and select the brightness

via the controller buttons.


Code Length Extendable Length / Height

AL603 : 30cm (30 - 35cm / 13cm)

AL604 : 45cm (45 - 50cm / 13cm)

AL605 : 60cm (60-65cm / 13cm)

AL606 : 90cm (90 - 95cm / 13cm)




• Aquatic Plant Spectrum

Designed with unique wide coverage 10,000K CCT White LEDs,

providing the best spectrum and deep penetration to support

general aquatic plant growth.

• Adaptive Installation

The light set comes with clever clamps and stainless-steel legs to

allow the light set to extend horizontally and fit the tank width

nicely. It also allows the light set height to be adjusted up to

13cm high to provide flexible light coverage.


• Adjustable Brightness

Electronic controller for selecting

8 brightness levels

• Energy Saving

Low electrical power consumption,

greater energy savings!

• Cool Operation

Low heat emission from LEDs

compared to other light forms.