AQUAZONIC Evo Slim Miracle Light - 58cm / 86cm



• Miracle Spectrum

• Adaptive Installation

• Adjustable Brightness

• Energy Saving

• Cool Operation



• Intense Vivid Colours

Brings out your fish's natural color in greater intensity and vividness

• Miracle Spectrum

Unique technology that instantly enhances your fishes by giving a unique

shine and colour depth on the scales instead of a flat dull colour

• Sunlit Effect

Simulates natural sunlight to create graceful surface ripples in your aquarium

for a more natural look and feel

• Adjustable Brightness

Electronic controller for selecting

8 brightness levels

• Energy Saving

Low electrical power consumption,

greater energy savings!

• Cool Operation

Low heat emission from LEDs

compared to other light forms.

AL615 : 58 (58-63cm)

AL616 : 86 (86-91cm)