Aquarium Coarse Salt 1kg


Dissolving sea salt in pond water or fish tank at the right concentration, helps fishes to grow additional slime coating on their skin, which acts as first line of defense against parasitic attacks and bacterial infection.


Salt bath at the certain salinity is also effective in treating fishes against parasites, bacteria and fungus


Origin: Product of Australia


Dose Amount:

- Ideal salinity that provide kois with optimum water condition: 0.15% salt concentration

- Ideal salinity range: 0.13% to 0.18% salt concentration

- Salinity range to treat for milder illness from parastic attacks and bacterial infection: 0.3% to 0.4% salt concentration

- Salinity range to treat for more invasive illness from viral infection: 0.5% to 0.6% salt concentration


Dose Instruction:

To get 0.15% salinity, add slightly more than 1.5kg sea salt per 1000 Liters of water

Best to use a digital salt meter to measure for more accurate results