UP Aqua A100 Co2 Regulator with Soleniod

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UP Aqua A100 CO2 Regulator with solenoid is a 3 in 1 regulator

  1. Creates a constant output pressure of 40-60PSI. 
  2. A fine tune adjuster that allow user to adjust amount of CO2 release accurately and precisely.
  3. Integrated solenoid control!

Total Length: 16cm X 11cm X 14cm


What is the use of solenoid?

Plants need CO2 when light is on and CO2 injection is unnecessary when light is off. Solenoid is use to turn on and off CO2 by simply switching on and off the electrical supply.


Electricity ON = CO2 injection

Electricity OFF = CO2 supply cut off!

Some will ask if they use regulator without the solenoid as they can manually turn the fine tune adjuster off at night and turn it on daily! However, from a season hobbyist, most will tell you this daily ritual can be very tiring.  It will be easier to control the CO2 by just a flip of a switch. Furthermore, you can also connect UP Aqua A100 CO2 Regulator with solenoid to common electronic 24hr timer.  With this you can leave the system running for months without you touching it.