TETRA ReptoSafe 100ml


Tetra ReptoSafe


Fast dissolving Tetra ReptoSafe neutralises tap water making it safe for aquatic reptiles like water turtles and amphibians.

  • Condition water
  • Fill with water
  • Water change


  • Instantly turns tap water to species-appropriate water comparable to reptiles’ natural environment
  • Immediately neutralises harmful substances such as chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals (e.g. copper and zinc)
  • Protects the reptiles' skin with important vitamins and vital substances
  • Fast dissolving formula
  • For stress-free water changes and healthy life in the aquaterrarium

More information

Tetra ReptoSafe makes tap water safe and converts it into species-appropriate, natural water for aquatic reptiles. Harmful substances such as chlorine, chloramine or heavy metals e.g. copper or zinc that are in our tap water are immediately neutralised. Additionally, contained vitamins and vital substances not only protect the skin of the reptiles, but also promote their health. Tetra ReptoSafe ensures a stress-free water change, a healthy life in the aquaterrarium and, thanks to its quickly dissolving formula and simple dosage, is easy to use when setting up a new aquaterrarium, changing the water and adding tap water.