SICCE Syncra HF 12.0 (12,500L/H)

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The Syncra High Flow pump models have all the features of the Syncra Silent line and incorporate new cutting edge technologies that elevate these pumps to a superior level.

The exclusive technology that characterizes these pumps, combined with a new electronic engineering, guarantees unique performances, while keeping power consumption at a low level and assuring maximum energy efficiency.

Synchronous, permanent-magnet motors guarantee high efficiency and reliability, both in submersed or dry operation and while working in-line (WET & DRY application).

The Syncra HF line is designed for a wide range of applications: ponds, fountains, draining, cooling systems

as well as fresh and salt water aquariums, filtration systems, protein skimmers and many other situations in which a great movement of water is needed.

Built with standard treaded adapters, suitable for any type of installation, Syncra HF pumps are available in three different models that save up to 60% in electrical costs, compared to other pumps of the same category.