SHIRUBA XB303 External Filter

External Filter
1. It can be attached outside the tank or placed on table.
Large filter box, additional with multiple filter materials.
Separate inlet & outlet design allows water to flow to and fro for optimized filtering effect..
2. The body made in fancy plastic to prevent from being broken. Sophisticated structure, miscellaneous accessories, easy assembly and maintenance.
3. Special U-type and L-type soft tubes. Unbendable as installed.
4. Using ø 12/ø 16 mm soft tube to connect device.
5. Made In Taiwan
Technical data XB-303
Power supply AC220-240V/50Hz
Power consumption (W) 5.6
Max. flow (L/H) 360
Max lift (CM) 70
Chamber capacity (L) 2
Baskets capacity (L) 1
Aquarium size up to 45-60cm(40-80L)
Dimensions (mm) 207×122×182