RIO UVC Internal Filter (7W UV) | Pump Flow 1200LPH

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RIO UVC Internal Filter (7W UV) | Pump Flow 1200LPH


  • Big holding capcity to maximise UV rays exposure to Aquarium water
  • Large Flow Pumps ensures more water flowing through for total sterilisation
  • The effects of UV rays are futher enhanced by using stainless steel reflectors in the housing
  • Eliminates water borne bacteria, Fungi and Parasite
  • Eliminates free floating algae
  • Promotes decomposition of organic matters in the water *Promotes growth of Aquarium fishes and plants
  • For Fresh and Marine Envoirment use
  • Easy installation without the need to alter existing plumbing
  • UV safe design to ensure no exposure of harmful UV rays injures the livestock
  • UV Proof Housing for longer usage life
  • UV Indicator located at top of water pump for easy monitoring
  • Promotes crystal clear aquarium water

 Killed bacteria: up to 200l water
 Eliminates greenwater: up to 500l water

 For the best sterilization, please replace the new UV lamp bulb every 12 months.