REPTILEPRO Turtle Island (Magnetic Floating Platform)


Reptile Pro: Turtle Island Magnetic Floating Platform

Why go to Fiji island when you are able to mount one Turtle Island onto your tank for your little turtles to bask on it!

Our Turtle Island Magnetic Floating Platform has a very natural looking rugged appearance with a stable magnetic mounting allowing your little turtles to climb on to it easily.

● Natural looking basking area for aquatic Turtles
● Stable mounting allows aquatic Turtles to climb easily
● Magnetic Mount that's easy to install, adjust and move!
● Tough and durable Material 

- Rinse your Turtle Island with clean water
- Fill your Turtle Tank with water before installation
- Allow Turtle Island to float and position at preferred area
- Use magnets provided to secure Turtle Island in place


Small (RTA0001) : 18.5 x 13 x 4.7cm

Large (RTA0002) : 29.5 X 18 X 6.8cm