PROFILE Porous Ceramic (PPC) (Excellent for rooting) - 1L (Repacked)

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Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC)

Packaging size: 1 litre PPC (REPACKED)

Grain size: 0.2-0.98mm PH: 5.5±1

Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) is an inorganic soil amendment proven to resist compaction, promote drainage and facilitate healthy root systems, resulting in the plants being less prone to diseases or other maintenance problems. A PPC particle is 74% pore space with 39% capillary (water) pores and 35% non-capillary (air) pores. It helps to improve water- and nutrient-holding capabilities, increase oxygen levels at the root zone, and facilitate drainage when soils are saturated. The particles also retain water and release it as needed to the plant, delaying the need for irrigation.