PRODIBIO Dose'n Drop

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Dose'n Drop, product information

Dose'n Drop is a manual dosing kit offering an alternate way to the classical vial dosing. It allows to add products in the aquarium several times instead of once every 15 days.

A new reference of Bioclean Salt Pro (containing BioDigest Pro and Boptim Pro in one kit) is being launched. The vials in Bioclean Salt Pro are already compatible with Dose’n Drop.

When should Dose'n Drop be used ?

  • To maintain optimal biological filtration in salt water aquarium
  • Each vial of Pro Range compatible with Dose'n Drop has to be used before 15 days

How to use Dose'n Drop ?

Dose'n Drop can be mounted on the aquarium or on the sump and has a drip system with adjustable flow.Dose’n Drop can only be used for saltwater aquarium over 1000 liters. Each vials used through Dose'n Drop must be emptied within 15 days after opening.

Compatible products with Dose'n Drop

The new graduated Pro range vials of Prodibio are Dose'n Drop Compatible. The top of the vial can easily be pierced by the plastic tip of the infusion system.

All new product in Pro Range compatible with Dose'n Drop has this new logo.

Dose'n Drop Kit is a refill kit of Dose'n Drop’s main components.
It contains:

  • 10 silicone caps
  • 2 infusion sets
  • 2 vial holders