PRODIBIO BIOVERT ULTIMATE NANO - 100ml (Supplement for aquarium plants - medium heavily planted)


BIOVERT ULTIMATE NANO is a growth supplement for aquatic plants that is complementary to BIOVERT PLUS NANO. It is intended for medium to highly planted aquariums with a small population of fish.

BIOVERT ULTIMATE NANO contains concentrations of nitrates, phosphates and potassium in optimal proportion for the growth of aquarium plants.

Used alternately with BIOVERT PLUS, it will provide to your aquarium plants all the necessary elements for a strong growth and a lush vegetation.

Directions of use : as a general rule, once a week and/or after a water changed. This dosage can be changed to once every 3 days if required.

Take care to avoid overdosing, otherwise you may experience algae growth. If this happens, clean the algae from the aquarium, make a water change and return to the basic dosage.

Pour directly in the aquarium at the filter exit.



10ml : 40L