OF® Freshwater HYDRA 30 (7.5W) - IF121

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Creating a Stable and Safe Environment

The natural beauty of an aquarium creates fun and excitement in your living space. However successful fish-keeping requires the aquatic hobbyist to understand basic fish-keeping principles and to conduct regular aquarium maintenance. Poor water quality is every aquatic hobbyist’s worst nightmare, as unfavorable water conditions (i.e, high ammonia levels, excessive nutrients) could potentially stress and kill your aquarium inhabitants.


OF® Hydra Aquatic Depurator, powered by Qian Hu’s patented Hydro-Pure Technology, produces Hydroxyl radicals (•OH) which effectively detoxifies harmful Ammonia and many other toxic ions to transform poor quality water conditions into a safe and stable living environment for aquatic life forms to thrive-in.


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The Hydra Aquatic Depurator may aesthetically resemble like a normal Internal filter in the market, however what sets it apart is the technology within that results in unparalleled performance of Hydra Aquatic Depurator to enhance your fish keeping experience.

  • Detoxifies harmful wastes like Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2) to help hobbyists maintain purer water and a healthier aquarium
  • Breaks down Protein and nutrients
  • Helps reduce aquarium startup time (Nitrogen Cycle) and prevent New Tank Syndrome
  • Minimize frequency of water change thus saving time and greater savings on your utility bills
  • Minimize unpleasant smell from aquarium water
  • Improves water clarity