OCEANFREE Vultron Air Pump 5000 (AP095)

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The Vultron is one of the most advanced air pumps available on the market today and leaves nothing else to buy by including the the normally "option extras" of airline, check valve and diffuser.

The diffuser can be positioned on the glass with the suction cup making it neatly providing air in a unobtrusive way and with the electronic control allows you the exact amount of air to be added to your aquarium.


Vultron 1500: Power consumption: 2W Max output per outlet: 110L/h Suitable tank size: <60L

Vultron 2000: Power consumption: 3W Max output per outlet: 160L/h Suitable tank size: 60-90L

Vultron 4000: Power consumption: 3.3W Max output per outlet: 170L/h Suitable tank size: 90-120L

Vultron 5000: Power consumption: 3.7W Max output per outlet: 190L/h Suitable tank size: 120-150L

Vultron 7000: Power consumption: 5.3W Max output per outlet: 230L/h Suitable tank size: 150L up