OCEANFREE Activa Block - 500g (Super-Charged Activated Carbon Block)


Super-Charged Activated Carbon Block

OF® ACTIVA BLOCK is a super-charged activated carbon block designed to maximize absorption of aquarium water coloration, odours, toxic pollutants (e.g. insecticides and chemicals) and medication. Ideal for all types of aquarium.


Highly porous natural Bamboo Activated Carbon and Sepiolite Clay minerals are precision-cut into a Cuboidal Matrix Design featuring 1400 micro-tunnels; this greatly increases its surface area and boosts its ability to draw out toxic pollutants from your aquarium water quickly and efficiently. As a result, this little 500g cube packs the equivalent absorptive capacity of 20kg worth of regular activated charcoal powder, or 40 times its body weight in absorptive power!


Advantages at a Glance.

  • Results equivalent to 20kg (500g) or 10kg (250g) of Activated Carbon
  • Rapid absorption of toxic pollutants, colouration, odours and medication in your aquarium.
  • No pre-rinsing and holding bag required.
  • No precipitation and staining unlike activated carbon.
  • Freshwater and Marine.

Rapid Absorption.

The Cuboidal Matrix Design features at least 1400 micro-tunnels, greatly increasing the capability to absorb toxic pollutants!

More Effective. Less Mess.

Comparison of the precipitation and clouding of water caused by regular activated carbon granules versus the clean and clear water of ACTIVA BLOCK.

Easy to Stack.

ACTIVA BLOCK comes with 2 end caps designed to allow 2 units to interlock, which makes stacking easy and convenient!


ACTIVA BLOCK can be used in any fish tank/sump tank or any water holding tanks that you wish to remove toxic pollutants/colouration/odours/medication.


This eco-friendly block works best in aquariums with efficient circulation.

  1. Check that both end caps are in place.
  2. Place ACTIVA BLOCK in your fish tank/sump tank or any water holding tanks that you wish to remove toxic pollutants/colouration/odours/medication.
  3. There will be rapid sizzling for the first 30 seconds as microbubbles are released into the air due to the micro-cavities being filled with water.
  4. ACTIVA BLOCK works best with circulating water and its effectiveness can last up to 2 months depending on bio-load.
  5. It can also be used to keep food fresh by absorbing ethylene gas – try placing it in your fruit bowl and your fruit will stay fresher for longer!


Type Dimension Weight Treats up to (L) Pcs
Large L100xW100xH100mm 500g 200L 1
Small L100xW100xH50mm 250g 100L 1