OCEAN FREE SurfClear Surface Skimmer - 200L/Hr (SM042)

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The Clever Aquatic Surface Skimmer

The aquarium water surface may develop unsightly oil slicks due to fish waste, uneaten feeds and dirty air. Oil slicks reduce the amount of gas exchange at the water surface and the air above, which will reduce the amount of oxygen in the water. Oil slicks also cause reductions in light penetration into the water.


The OF Surfclear Aquatic Surface Skimmer can effectively remove any oil slicks and keep the water surface clean and clear.


Telescopic Inlet Float. Telescopic inlet float design allows for continuous all round surface skimming, at variable water levels up to 35mm.

Easy Sponge Cleaning. The innovative design allows you to pull the handle at the top of the telescopic inlet float and lift up the filter cup containing the filter sponge for cleaning, without your fingers touching the water.

Strainer Adapter. A strainer adapter is provided to reduce the chance of small fish or shrimp from being accidentally sucked into the surface skimmer.

Flow Rate Adjuster. The turn handle design at the top of the telescopic inlet float allows you to adjust the flow rate of the pump without your fingers touching the water.

Multi-Directional Flow Outlet. The multi-directional flow outlet design lets the water diffuse out of the SurfClear body with minimum disturbance to the tank’s main flow circulation.


Overall Dimension (mm) L45 x W60 x H135
Max Flow Rate 200L/H
Energy Consumption 3W