OCEAN FREE Kirameki Lionhead(S) Sinking Pellets - 350g (FF1133)


Premium Colour & Growth Feed

OF® Kirameki Lionhead is a premium Lionhead feed enriched with high protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamin and OF® Optima that promotes superior growth and development of proper Lionhead form. This highly digestible diet is suitable for all growth stages of your beloved Lionhead.


In addition it contains natural ingredients that enhance coloration. This revolutionary product from Qian Hu Nutrition Research uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that your Lionhead receives nutrition of the highest quality.


An excellent and balanced growth diet. OF® Kirameki Lionhead is an excellent and balanced source of high protein, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins to help your Lionhead attain superior growth and development of proper Lionhead form.


Enhances coloration. High content of colour enhancing natural ingredients that brings-out, intensifies and maintains your Lionhead’s coloration, it also helps to improve the shine on the scales of your Lionhead.


Easily digestible diet for healthy growth. It is a daily feed that is formulated to be easily digested and absorbed by the goldfish’s unique digestive system even during high levels of feeding. By using high quality protein, essential nutrients can be easily absorbed from the food during digestion thus promoting healthy growth and development.


Enriched with OF® Optima. It contains OF® Optima which is a thoroughly tested Protein Linker that increases the digestibility and absorbability by 30%, and also a Phenotypic Metabolic Enhancer that will result in better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), improved health, reduced mortality, fortified immune system thus giving your Lionhead a true measure of extra protection against common infections.


Fortifies immune system. OF® Kirameki Lionhead is bio-formulated to fortify your Lionhead’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness, viral diseases and increases your Lionhead’s resistance to parasitic infestation.


Maintains good water quality. As a result of high FCR, less metabolic (fecal) waste is produced and this reduces the dissolved nutrients entering the water thus improving your aquarium water quality. This sinking type pellet also does not cloud your water.


No artificial or chemical colouring, natural colours only. No artificial or chemical colouring agent is added, the pellet’s colour is derived from the natural ingredients.


Nutritional Values
Protein 47% Min
Fat 6% Min
Fibre 3% Max
Ash 15% Max
Moisture 10% Max


  • All Lionhead Goldfish


  • Feed enough for the fish to consume within a few minutes. You may feed up to 3-4 times per day. Avoid overfeeding.
  • Remove any uneaten feed within half an hour to avoid polluting tank water.