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Powerful 4-Stage Water Purification

Hydra Filtron’s 4-Stage Water Purification, goes beyond the conventional 3 stage filtration (Mechanical, Biological, Chemical), with the incorporation of the revolutionary Hydro-Pure technology that uses Hydroxyl Radicals (•OH) to accelerate the startup time from the usual 4-5 weeks to within 1 week, reduce water odour, and retain a crystal clear tank.


It is the first canister filter in the world to incorporate the Hydro-Pure Technology into its design.


Stage 1:

3DM Nuggets
  • Breaks down large solids and traps suspended particles
  • Provides a high surface area for beneficial bacteria which helps break-down toxic waste (e.g. Ammonia and Nitrites) biologically


Stage 2: 

BioTrap Sponge
  • Breaks down finer solids and traps suspended particles
  • Provides surface area for beneficial bacteria for further biological purification of toxic waste

Stage 3: 

3DM Beads Provides highest surface area for beneficial bacteria which help break-down toxic waste biologically
Fine Filter Wool Removes fine particles
Carbon Pad Adsorbs dissolved organic compound and heavy metals to maximize efficiency of the Hydro-pure Technology


Stage 4: 

Hydro-Pure Technology
  • Prevents New Tank Syndrome which is the main cause of fish death in new tanks by constantly breaking down protein, and detoxifying Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2)
  • Reduces water change
  • Produces crystal-clear water
  • Reduces water odours by the oxidization of Sulphur-based elements which causes smell in the water


Understanding Hydro-Pure Technology

We provided the below diagram to help you understand the technology better. Phase 1 is where your aquarium water enters the Hydro-Pure Technology chamber, Phase 2 is where the reaction takes place and Phase 3 is the end result.

Hydro-Pure Technology 3 Phases


One Pull Priming. A quick pull of the Primer draws water into the canister making it ready to use.

Valve for Easy Maintenance. Valve controls at the inlet and outlet pipes eliminate the hassle of dealing with water spills during maintenance.

Surface Skimmer. Removes unsightly surface oil film to improve oxygen exchange and increase light penetration at water surface.


Hydra Filtron comes with everything you need to get started on a beautiful and clean aquarium.

Hydra Filtron Canister Filter Components


Model EF125 EF126 EF127
Description Hydra Filtron 1000 Hydra Filtron 1500 Hydra Filtron 1800
For Aquarium Size Up To
  • 80-300L
  • 20-80 US Gal
  • 150-600L
  • 40-160 US Gal
  • 200-800L
  • 50-210 US Gal
Product Size
  • 240*240*363mm
  • 9.5*9.5*14.3inches
  • 272*272*403mm
  • 10.7*10.7*15.9inches
  • 300*300*443mm
  • 11.8*11.8*17.5inches
Pump Flow Rate
  • 1000 L/H
  • 270 US Gal
  • 1500 L/H
  • 400 US Gal
  • 1800 L/H
  • 480 US Gal
Circulation Flow Rate
  • 600 L/H
  • 160 US Gal/H
  • 900 L/H
  • 240 US Gal/H
  • 1100 L/H
  • 290 US Gal/H
Filter Media Baskets Volume
  • 4.7L
  • 1.3 US Gal
  • 7.0L
  • 1.9 US Gal
  • 10.0L
  • 2.7 US Gal
Filter Media Baskets 3Pcs 3Pcs 4Pcs
Power Consumption 13W 23W 32W
Inlet & Outlet Hose Diameter 16/22mm Diameter 19/25mm Diameter 19/25mm
Cable Length
  • 2.0m
  • 78.0inches
  • 2.0m
  • 78.0inches
  • 2.0m
  • 78.0inches
Max Height
  • 1.4m
  • 55.0inches
  • 2.0m
  • 78.0inches
  • 2.4m
  • 94.5inches
Cata-pure Cartridges 2pcs 3pcs 4pcs


Enjoy 3 years warranty on the motor, and 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects.