OCEAN FREE 3DM Smart Internal Filter

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OCEAN FREE 3DM Smart Internal Filter

OF® Smart Internal Filter just got smarter with OF® 3DM Pro-Filter Medium which is a revolutionary mineral based beneficial-bacteria medium that incorporates the most advanced heating and multi-staged manufacturing techniques and technology to create this super macro-porous and tough biological filter medium.

OF® 3DM Smart Internal Filter provides both Mechanical and Biological filtration that ensures organic waste and their toxic by-product are effectively broken down and provide optimum conditions for your fishes.

* It is suitable for all tropical aquarium setup.

Features :

• Easy to use; no complicated installation required.

• Adjustable flow direction.

• Adjustable flow-rate.

• Quiet and efficient.

• Venturi Adaptor.



  1. IF114 (400L/Hr)
  2. IF116 (800L/Hr)
  3. IF117 (1000L/Hr)
  4. IF118 (1200L/Hr)
  5. IF119 (1500L/Hr)