OASE BioStyle Filter Foam (Set of 4 - Orange Foam) - 30ppi

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OASE Filter foam set 4 BioStyle 30ppi Orange
  • The Biological Filter Foam Set of 4 suitable for 
    BioStyle 75, BioStyle 115, BioStyle 180
  • 2-in-1 Filtration – The BioStyle 30 ppi filter foam provides 2-in-1 filtration by catching debris and waste while promoting growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Coarse Filter Foam – Provides mechanical and biological filtration results in cleaner, healthier water for your aquarium inhabitants
  • Contains four replacement foams that fit inside the chamber of the BioStyle filter. Quantity needed depends on the size of the filter.
  • Changing the filter foam – Biological filter foams should be replaced after 12-18 months, depending upon aquarium size, number of fish and plants, and declines in filter performance
  • Filter foams fit inside the filter frames (not included). Rinse foams with water before use.