NT LABS Algae Stopperz (Barley Straw Pellets) - 1kgNT LABS Algae Stopperz (Barley Straw Pellets) - 1kg **control green algae and blanket weed in your pond naturally**

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Algae Stopperz

When to use?
When you need to control green algae and blanket weed in your pond naturally.
Algae Stopperz is an effective way to prevent algal growth, which is free from pesticides. Algae Stopperz is a barley straw-based pellet and is a completely natural product.

How to use?

  • Sprinkle pellets around the edge of the pond margins. The pellets will sink and start working in around 2 weeks. Alternatively, place the pellets in a pond planting basket.
  • Repeat every 2 months until control is effective, then add 1/3 of dose monthly.
  • For complete blanket weed control, ensure Algae Stopperz are added throughout autumn and winter to ensure activity from the outset of spring.
  • Alternatively, clean out blanket weed in the summer and allow the activity of Algae Stopperz to start preventing re-growth.
  • For best results, ensure your pond is well oxygenated throughout use.

100g per 200 gallons (900 litres) of pond water