MidgeX(Natural Bio-Control of Midge Larvae In Aquarium/Pond) 10ml (MX001)


MidgeX comes in a 10 ml bottle.

MidgeX contains crystals of protein and bacterial spores that are naturally occuring.

It is specially formulated to kill midge larvae (bloodworm)within 12 hours after application.

When ingested by targeted larve, Midgex will breakdown their system and stop them from feeding.

The larvae will eventually die and thereby reducing midge population.

Regular use will effectively control midge population. Midgex is not harmful to fish amphibians.

Usage: 2 drops per 1000 litres of water for small ponds below 5000 litres.
And 5 drops per 1000 litres of water for ponds above 5000 litres.