LILLIPHUT Bird Cage 60 (Yellow/TM2250)

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Brand: LillipHut

Bird Cage 60

Color: Yellow

Dimensions when fully set up: 57cm (L) x 44cm (W) x 53cm (H)

Weight: 5.5kg

Cage bar gap: 1.2cm


This cage is suitable as a home for small parrots such as parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels and other similar sized birds, not exceeding 16.5cm in body length only, excluding the tail.


Easy-clean cage design

Engineered and designed to ensure that all waste materials are collected directly into the bottom drawer without side leakages

Single drawer can be completely pulled out from the cage body - convenient to replace cage liner and clean the drawer daily

Two click-tight grooves keeps drawer securely attached to cage base and prevents it from sliding out during transport

The base is also completely detachable from the cage using clips for simplified cage cleaning. No need to dismantle the cage in order to clean the base and drawer.


Dedicated food/water bowl access doors

Food/water bowls can be easily accessed from the outside of the cage through special access doors for greater convenience to parront and reduces stress to bird during maintenance


Bird-proof secure locking mechanism

All access doors are secured by a hook mechanism to prevent escape


Front door pivots at a 90° angle

Opens up to a spacious 19.5cm x 24cm access gap that allows parronts to easily reach into the cage for more convenient cleaning and maintenance as compared to cages with a slide-up door mechanism

When the front door is opened, the doors become a platform for birds to enter and leave the cage more easily


Quick and easy snap-fit assembly

No screws, hooks or tools are required to assemble and disassemble the cage. Cage can be safely and easily assembled by one person.


Made of bird-safe materials

Made of high quality non-toxic plastic and low-carbon, rust-resistant wire with a lead and zinc-safe paint finish


Safety and storage notes

This cage is intended to be used as indoor housing for small parrots and is not intended to be kept outdoors (e.g. balcony or service yard) for your bird's safety and wellbeing. Prolonged exposure to outdoor elements can also cause increased wear and tear of the cage, corrosion of the metal bars and premature yellowing of the white plastic base.


Assembling/disassembling the cage

Follow the steps in the provided assembly manual to properly assemble and disassemble the cage. No screws, hooks or tools are required to assemble and disassemble the cage.


Cleaning the cage

The cage can be washed under running water or wiped with a soft cloth. To prevent scratches, do not scrub with cleaning materials with an abrasive surface such as a scouring pad.