LAROY Mite Stop - 500ml (LAR411220)

Against red mites, feather mites, fleas, and lice.
Suitable for chickens, pigeons and other birds
Fast effective action.
Both prevents and cures.
No chemical insecticides

Duvoplus Mite stop fights and prevents red mite, feather mite and flea attacks in chickens, pigeons and other birds. Thanks to its easy to use spray can, it can be used to treat the deepest and smallest hiding spots. Easy, fast & effective! Spray all the surfaces where ectoparasites can occur. The layer that remains attaches to their legs so they cannot move and will die. This means that there is no danger of developing resistance. Prevention: 1 500ml pack /10m². Treatment: 1 500ml pack /5m². Do not spray directly on the animals, and cover all water and feed troughs before use.